Siobhán O’Donovan

Chartered Physiotherapist, Creator and founder PostureFitting Physiotherapy Service

If you had asked Siobhán 10 years ago what she would be doing in 2023, she wouldn’t have predicted being surrounded by all things breasts and bras! But here she indeed is, on a mission to raise awareness of, and demonstrate her solution for, the very underestimated impact of breast weight on women and girls.

A chartered physio with a Master’s degree in the Prevention and Management of Sport Injury, Siobhán has always been a solution-seeker. With over 30 years of clinical experience working with patients to prevent, treat, rehab and deter problems, she developed PostureFitting, a physiotherapy service which connects breast weight and support with posture. The resultant effects on her patients in feeling, moving, looking better were too good to keep a secret, and she now also trains other therapists to offer the PostureFitting service. Their mutual goal is to educate, empower & enlighten, in all ways, so that more gals win their daily battle against gravity, while busting breast & bra booby traps!