Sallyanne Brady

Advocate & Founder, The Irish Menopause

The Irish Menopause

Sallyanne Brady is founder of The Irish Menopause.

The Irish Menopause is an online information resource for women on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Established in 2019, it was the first resource of its kind in Ireland.  The Irish Menopause has a current membership of 46k and climbing.

In addition to launching the first petition for Menopause Awareness in Ireland, Sallyanne was instrumental in raising awareness around the issue through the now infamous Joe Duffy Liveline programme on May 21, 2022.

This groundbreaking event shone a light on the whole subject of menopause, raised public awareness and launched the topic from the shadows, where it had previously been shrouded in taboo and secrecy, into the public consciousness.